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auto-reply soul crushing pain

Hacking auto-responders for fun and profit

Are you wondering if your email campaigns are in the spam folder? My worst nightmare isn’t that my emails aren’t being opened (have you ever read my email subjects?) My absolute worst nightmare

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Five Free Traffic Sources

So you’ve got your site up, all the first steps are done. How do you get people to your site? Well if you’re like most entrepreneurs when they’re starting out you have a limited budget.

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Gold nuggets everywhere! Come mine this video for amazing information – Episode 10

  We talked with Jay Noggle, another really good friend from Entrepreneurs Roundtable who filled in at the last minute but gave us what is probably the most information filled episode on what you

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Jason takes a big risk at a crazy time in his life to go big! – Episode 8

  Episode 8 we going in to international air waves again with Canadian Jason Vance from Unlocked Talks. Jason talks about side hustles, web design, building a community, and how crazy fisherman can

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The power of content marketing, it’s ROI, and Why you need to be on IG stories – Episode 7

  We talked with Sarah Moore from Eleven Lights Media about the power of content marketing, what the ROI of your mother is, and why everyone should be using Instagram Stories, especially local retail

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How SEO and Content are essential parts of your inbound marketing – Episode 6

We had Don Seckler from Peak Inbound Marketing. Don talked about his experience in direct mail marketing, publishing, and growing an internet department during the infancy of the internet. And how he

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David Pagano makes Nick cry – Episode 5

  David Pagano – real estate agent, lead generation gooroo, and urban gardener. He talked to us about his hustle, where it came from. And why it’s so important that he keeps going.   And

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How Clay got fired and started a rock star digital marketing agency – Episode 4

We sat down with Clay Mosley of Rock City Digital. Clay spoke about the origins of Rock City and the journey to get where he is now. The growing pains of scale and where the world of marketing is headed

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Todd quit his corporate career to launch his own digital agency – Episode 3

  In Episode 3 we talk with Todd Giannattasio of TresnicMedia from New Jersey.   Todd told us about his experience in the corporate world that led him to want to be out on his own.   Lot’s

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Micah rose from corporate hell to helping Kansas City businesses thrive on the internet! – Episode 2

  Our first guest for the show is none other than Micah Horner from Tell Meaningful Stories. He’s a hustler, copywriter, entrepreneur, all those fun jazzy titles. He told us about his first

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