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Five Free Traffic Sources

So you’ve got your site up, all the first steps are done.

How do you get people to your site?

Well if you’re like most entrepreneurs when they’re starting out you have a limited budget. Here’s 5 free sources of traffic to grow your business.

  1. Find articles about your competitors on Buzzsumo. Reach out to the author. Them them you loved their article and you’re doing something similar.
  2.  Build a list of bloggers, youtubers, influencers that cover your niche. Reach out to partner with them. Offer free product, plus discount code for followers. (Works best for visual products)
  3. Find facebook groups around your product and build relationships inside the group. Great for b2b services. If you can’t find one, build one.
  4. Write long for content about your product. How it’s made, how you launched it, what it’s like being a veteran owned business, etc… Post them in places like reddit, medium, or startup groups. This content has to deliver 1000% value over the ask.
  5. Search twitter and instagram for people using hashtags related to your business. Engage, follow, like, dm them.